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Cảm biến đo Momen xoắn trục quay không tiếp xúc 0.1 - 20 Nm Lorenz DR-2453

DR-2453, Digital Output Hex Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor
The DR-2453 torque sensor has a very short axial length and contactless data transmission, which means no signal falsification and maintenance-free. The unit can perform auto-identification of measuring range, serial number and date of calibration.


  • Contactless Rotary Torque Sensor
  • Hexagon Shaft & Socket
  • Very Short Axial Length
  • Connection: 12-pin Connector with Speed Option
  • Digital Output RS-485

DR-2453 - Specifications

Type Rotary
Full Scale 0.1 Nm
  0.2 Nm
  0.5 Nm
  1 Nm
  2 Nm
  5 Nm
  10 Nm
  20 Nm
Max Speed 3000 RPM
  4000 RPM
Output RS-485
Precision ±0.10 % FS
Excitation 12 V - 28 V DC
Drive Side 1/4in Hexagon Socket
Test Side 1/4in Hexagon Shaft
IP Rating IP50
Min Temperature 0 °C
Max Temperature 60 °C


Suitable Connection Cable
(PDF Datasheet):

Connection cable, 3 m, with 12-pin female cable connector and free soldered ends
Connection cable, 3 m, with 12-pin female angle cable connector and free soldered ends

PDF Datasheet: DR-2153: 080959_DR-2153_en.pdf
DR-2453: 080961a_DR-2453_en.pdf
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