Switch công nghiệp mạch vòng 3 cổng Ethernet + 2 cổng Quang (Dual fiber, Single Mode, SC, 30KM) ICP DAS RS-405AFCS-T CR

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Mã sản phẩm: RS-405AFCS-T
Thương hiệu: ICP DAS
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5-Port Real-time Redundant Ring Switch with 2-Fiber Port (Single Mode, SC Connector), +12~ +48 VDC

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Switch công nghiệp mạch vòng 3 cổng Ethernet + 2 cổng Quang (Dual fiber, Multi Mode, SC, 2KM) ICP DAS RSM-405AFC-T CR


• Automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover for plug-and-play
• Each port supports both 10/100 Mbps speed auto negotiation
• Full duplex IEEE 802.3x and half duplex backpressure flow control
• 3.2 Gbps high performance memory bandwidth
• Supports operating temperatures from -30°C ~ +75°C
• Redundant Power Inputs +12 VDC ~ +48 VDC
• Power failure alarm by relay output
• Modbus remote monitoring
• Supports Modbus OPC Server
• Store-and-forward architecture
• Built-in Cyber-Ring redundant technique
• Frame buffer memory: 512 Kbit
• 1024 MAC addresses
• Single-mode, SC Connector Fiber supports
• DIN-Rail


The RS-405AFCS-T is a 5-Port Industrial Ethernet (10/100Base-TX) Real-Time Redundant Ring Switch. The RS-405AFCS-T supports 10/100M auto-negotiation feature and auto MDI /MDIX function. It can automatically switch the transmission speed (10 Mbps or 100 Mbps) for corresponding connections. The connectors of Ethernet port are shielded RJ-45. The shielded RJ-45 connectors offer a high reliability Ethernet environment for industrial control and automation. Built-in ICP DAS Cyber-Ring technique that enable multiple switches to be placed into a redundant ring. Typically it detects and recovers from a copper link failure within approximately 20 ms V for the majority of applications a seamless process. The RS-405AFCS-T is much more easy to use and absolutely free of software setting. After unpacking from the shipping case, it just takes one or two dip or rotary switch to make it work. The RS-405AFCS-T provides two power inputs that can be connected simultaneously to live DC power sources. If one of the power inputs fails, the other live source acts as a backup to automatically support the RS-405AFCS-T 's power needs. And, the relay output facility can deliver warning signal while dual power or network link failure.





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RS-405AFCS-T     CR  5-Port Real-time Redundant Ring Switch with 2-Fiber Port, Single Mode, SC Connector (+12 ~ +48 VDC) (RoHS)
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