Bộ lập trình nhúng PAC EtherCAT Master Cortex-A53 CPU + Real-Time Linux ICP DAS EMP-2848M CR

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Compact EtherCAT Master PAC

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Bộ lập trình nhúng PAC EtherCAT Master Cortex-A53 CPU + Real-Time Linux ICP DAS EMP-2848M CR


• Combines Compact size, economy, flexibility and excellent performance
• EtherCAT cycle time up to 500 μs
• Supports up to 128 EtherCAT slaves control 
• Motion control up to 16 axes
• Supports all IEC-61131-3 SoftPLC languages (FBD, LD, IL, ST, and SFC)
• Supports CiA402 drives
• Cortex-A53, Quad-core, 1.6GHz
• Real-Time Linux (RT-Preempt)


The EMP-2848M series is a SoftPLC based EtherCAT master with an integrated multi-axis motion control kernel. The programmable automation controller combines compact size, economy, flexibility, and excellent performance and is the ideal partner for small and medium-sized motion control applications where cost and space-constrains is an deciding factor. 

The high-performance quad-core Cortex-A53 processor together with the Real-Time Linux (RT-Preempt) operating system and built in SoftPLC ensures fast, deterministic and real-time behavior of the motion control application. The integrated, configurable high-speed EtherCAT master can be connected to any standard, 3rd party EtherCAT slave, such as I/Os, servo motor, stepper motor, encoder, etc.. The EtherCAT master can synchronously update up to 128 slaves including 16 servo/stepper drives within a cycle time of 500 microseconds. 

The integrated web server assist the user in configuring and diagnosing the EtherCAT networks, and testing of motion control functions. Win-GRAF workbench is a programming software that ICPDAS developed according to the international standard IEC 61131 and aimed at achieving compatibility and reusability.
• Conforming to the five programming languages as define by the IEC 61131-3 standard
  > SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
  > ST (Structured Text)
  > FBD (Function Block Diagram)
  > LD (Ladder Diagram)
  > IL (Instruction List) 
• Several programming languages can be used in the same application project
• Includes functions for converting an existing program into another programming language 
• Supports project comparison for comparing two project versions
• Multitasking programming with priority settings
• Extensive libraries signifi cantly simplifying PLC applications
• Supports creation of user libraries
• Integrated fi eldbus support
• Comprehensive online help



OS Real-Time Linux (RT-Preempt, Kernel 4.14.98)
Development Win-GRAF
SDK PLCopen Function Blocks
Main Unit
CPU Cortex-A53, Quad-core, 1.6GHz
System Memory LPDDR4 - 1GB
Storage eMMC Flash – 8GB, 4GB microSD card
LED Indicators
Status 1 x Run
1 x Power
3 x EtherCAT Runtime
COM Ports
Ports Console : RS-232 (RxD, TxD, GND); Non-isolated
COM1 : RS-232 (RxD, TxD, GND); Non-isolated
COM2 : RS-485 (Data+, Data-); 2500 VDC isolated
COM3 : RS-485 (Data+, Data-); 2500 VDC isolated
Ports 1 x RJ-45, 10/100/1000 Base-TX
Ports 2 x USB 2.0
Ports 1 x RJ-45
No. of Axes 16
No. of Nodes 128
Cycle Time 500 μs (min.)
Input Range +12 ~ 48 VDC
Consumption 7.2 W (0.3 A @ 24 VDC)
Dimensions (mm) 42 x 164 x 129 (W x L x H)
Installation DIN-Rail Mounting
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +80 °C
Humidity 10 ~ 90% RH (Non-condensing)




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EMP-2848M  Compact EtherCAT Master PAC
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