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Bo mạch 2 cổng PoE-PSE Axiomtek AX93A21

Tính năng

  • 2 x PoE-PSE ports connected to LAN ports on SBC via an internal cable or network cable to power an external PoE devices
  • With an external 12 VDC-in, the 2 PoE-PSE ports are capable of following IEEE802.3at standard
  • Dimensions:
    120 x 90 mm for board
    122.5 (L) x 92.8 (W) x 36.2 (H) mm for box

Thông tin đặt hàng

AX93A21 (P/N-E393A21100)

Dual PoE-PSE I/O board

AX93A21 (P/N-E393A21101)

Dual PoE-PSE I/O box

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